Airtel Xstream AirFiber Plans 2024 with Benefits

Airtel Xstream AirFiber is a fixed wireless access (FWA) solution offered by Bharti Airtel, which operates on Airtel’s 5G Plus network to provide superfast Wi-Fi connectivity. It offers fibre like download speeds and allows multiple devices to be connected simultaneously using the customer premises equipment provided by Airtel.

Airtel claims that its Xstream AirFiber is particularly useful for users in areas with limited access to fiber connectivity, and it was the first company to launch 5G wireless broadband in India with this offering.

Airtel Xstream Airfiber Availability

Airtel Xstream AirFiber is presently available only in Delhi and Mumbai metros. Interested customers can purchase a new connection from selected stores in these two cities.

Airtel has provided a store locator on its website so customers can check the availability of AirFiber service. To get an Airtel Xstream AirFiber connection, customers must visit the Delhi or Mumbai stores and provide standard KYC documents, just like any other telecom service.

According to Airtel, its Xstream AirFiber provides download speeds similar to fibre, allowing multiple devices to connect simultaneously using the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) provided by Airtel. However, the availability of the service depends on the 5G network in your area.

Airtel Xstream Airfiber Plan

Airtel currently offers a single plan costing Rs. 799 per month, which requires the payment of six months in advance. This particular plan comes with unlimited data usage at speeds of up to 100 Mbps, subject to a fair usage policy of 3333GB per month.

Once this data limit is exhausted, users can still access data at a lower speed of 2Mbps without any additional restrictions. However, it is important to note that this plan only includes data services and does not include voice calling or SMS facilities.

Xstream Premium Pack with Equipment and Installation

The Xstream Airfiber Plan comes with a subscription to the Airtel Xstream Premium Pack, which provides access to more than 40,000 movies and series, as well as content from over 20 OTT platforms with a single login.

For outdoor units, Xstream AirFiber requires specialized equipment such as a receiver or antenna, and Airtel may charge an equipment fee, security deposit, installation, and setup fees.

According to Airtel, Xstream AirFiber supports all standard internet activities, including streaming HD videos, web surfing, gaming, and music streaming. If Airtel Xstream Fiber is available in your area, it is recommended to opt for the fiber connection for a better experience.

However, if you cannot access a wired solution and your area is not fiberised, you can choose Airtel Xstream AirFiber to meet your Wi-Fi requirements. To get more details about Airtel Xstream AirFiber, please visit