Firestick Remote Not Working? Here’s the Fix

The Fire Stick, like other Fire TV devices, utilizes remotes that are separate from many other remote controls in your home. Sometimes, it might be tough to find out why your Fire Stick remote unexpectedly stopped working.

Having many customers disconnect their cable connections, watching electronic devices such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick is growing more popular. When everything is operating properly, the Firestick is a superb device. Once the remote control on your Firestick stops working, your streaming performance may be affected.

In particular situations, you may be unable to switch on your TV. However, there are many options for fixing a faulty Firestick controller.

Firestick Remote Not Working

There are many reasons why a Fire Stick remote might not work or be disabled. Some of the most typical difficulties include battery problems, restrictions that stop the remote’s signal, and disturbance from other devices.

If any other method fails, consider resetting your Fire Stick to factory settings. The following are some common causes of a Fire Stick remote not working.


 The main cause of Fire Stick remote failure is a defective battery. Incorrectly placed batteries, low battery charge, and other reasons may all cause a Fire Stick control to stop operating.


The remote controller will not operate until it is paired with your Fire Stick. New remotes should always be paired before usage.


 Since the Fire Stick remote uses Bluetooth connectivity rather than infrared light, it has a possible range of around 30 feet. However, the true range is usually less.


 A straight line of vision from your Fire Stick and remote isn’t required, but obstacles can considerably restrict range.


The devices that may interact with Bluetooth connections can cause your remote to stop working.


Check for compatibility when you have a replacement Fire Stick remote.

External Damage

Damage from water and internal issues caused by defective components might cause your Fire Stick remote to suddenly stop operating.

Firestick Remote Not Working? Fix by the Methods

Very few issues are more irritating when your remote fails to respond to instructions. But these problems show up more regularly than you may expect, and the Firestick smart TV remote is not an exception.

You will see common causes of your Firestick remote not working and fixes for every problem. If there’s a problem with your battery, an update bug, loudness troubles, or anything else, you can generally fix it. Some of the many regular problems are listed here, along with solutions.

Check for Battery Problems

Incorrectly placed or low-power batteries might create problems with Firestick remotes. For example, someone might slip the remote when the battery cells drop out, and the batteries are then replaced incorrectly. Batteries are a common reason for remote issues. Below are some correct methods to check your Firestick controller for battery issues.

  1. Take out the remote’s batteries, giving particular care to their placement.
  2. Check the Firestick remote’s direction indications to confirm they were not placed improperly. Someone regularly gets changed or exchanged by children or used for another device, and they are simply re-inserted in the incorrect position.
  3. Replace the batteries with new ones, provided they have been properly placed. It is never suggested that brands or types of batteries be combined.
  4. When the remote control still does not function, the problem is most likely elsewhere. Further, while you’ve got rechargeable batteries, try alkaline cells instead, as they may have stopped holding a charge correctly.

Pairing Your Firestick

Unpaired Firestick remotes will not activate your TV when utilizing CEC-enabled configurations and TVs. To make it work, you need a CEC-enabled TV and a Wi-Fi network. The remote needs Wi-Fi since the Fire TV Stick connects with it through Wi-Fi Direct. Follow the given instructions.

  1. Turn on the TV and link the Firestick to power.
  2. Go to the TV’s settings, then search for CEC choices and allow CEC to work properly. This process enables the Firestick to switch between turning on and off the TV.
  3. To check if it turns your TV on or off, click the Power button on the Firestick control. You may stop right now if it works. When the remote control does not switch on and off the television.
  4. Switch your TV manually or use its remote, then check whether the Firestick control is working.
  5. Once the Firestick’s remote stops working, press and hold the Back and Home buttons for 10 seconds; the Firestick has now been cleared or unpaired.
  6. Connect the remote again by holding down the Home button for 10 seconds before testing using the TV. When required, repeat the process many times.

Check the Distance of Your Remote

Firesticks from the second generation and above use Bluetooth instead of infrared. The expected distance is around 30 feet, but the actual reach is usually much less. When you have a big living room or are attempting to utilize the TV remote from a different space, Wi-Fi or CEC instead of Bluetooth may be required.

To see how much the distance is the issue, bring the remote control near the Firestick while ensuring there are no difficulties between them. If the remote works best when you’re near the TV, consider adjusting the device with the Firestick extension adapter.

Compatibility of the Firestick Remote

If you previously replaced your old Firestick remote with a new one, it may cause problems when the new one is incompatible with your Fire TV Stick. You need to look for the steps below.

  1. On your smartphone, install the “Amazon Fire TV” application.
  2. Switch on the TV by pushing the “Power” button or using the remote, then sign in to your Amazon Fire TV account through the mobile device’s application.
  3. From the app, choose your Fire TV device.
  4. To complete the procedure, enter the code on the TV into the app.

Check Your FireTV Remote for Any Damage

Your remote may stop working due to external or internal damage. When there is damage from water or missing parts, the remote might become unusable.

No Light on Firestick Remote Not Working

When your Firestick remote does not light up, try disconnecting it from the back of your device and wait 20 seconds. Reconnect it to see whether the problem has been fixed. If the batteries are fully charged, a lack of connection with the Firestick usually stops the remote control from lighting up.

The Firestick Remote Stopped Working After the Update

Once your Firestick remote discontinued works after an update, try the five methods listed below.

  1. For 10 seconds, press and hold the Home button on the remote. When the remote is not already connected to the TV, this process will pair it.
  2. Disconnect your device from the power source and try again using the remote.
  3. Switch off the television and reset the remote.
  4. Check that there are no limitations between the remote and the TV.
  5. Reinstall your batteries while making sure they are properly installed.

The Firestick Remote Stopped Working after Resetting

  1. Once the remote for the Firestick stops working after resetting it, you can try the techniques listed below.
  2. Start the Firestick TV again. Once you get back to the remote pairing page, disconnect the TV and reconnect it within 10 seconds. You may pair the remote with the “Home” button for 10 seconds.
  3. Replace your batteries. They have probably become drained, and changing them may fix the problem. Just remember to install them correctly.
  4. If you consider the old ones defective, you may also want to purchase a new set of batteries. As you replace the batteries, clear the battery container of dust and dirt.
  5. Test another remote. After resetting and replacing the batteries does not resolve the issue, connect an alternative remote to your Firestick TV.
  6. You can get one from another person or buy one online. For a remote control, you can use the Fire TV application for iPhone or Android.

How can I disconnect a Fire Stick remote?

To disconnect a Fire Stick remote, first pair it with another Fire Stick remote. Go to Settings menu, then click Controllers & Bluetooth Devices and Amazon Fire TV Remotes using the new remote. Select the remote you want to be unpaired, press the Menu (three lines) button, and Select to finish un-pairing.

Can I use my mobile device to control my Fire Stick?

Yes, you can manage your Fire TV Stick from your smartphone using an Android or iPhone app.

Can a Fire Stick remote be replaced?

Yes, you may replace your Fire TV remote control with a new one. But before purchasing, verify that the replacement device is compatible with your Fire Stick model and version.

How can I pair multiple Fire TV remotes?

To start, click the Settings on your Fire TV. Choose Controllers and Bluetooth gadgets. To connect a remote, choose Amazon Fire TV remotes and hold the Home button for ten seconds.

Why does my Firestick control work after I replaced the batteries?

Your Fire Stick remote control is not operating with new batteries due to the damage. There might be many other causes, such as difficulties in the direct line of vision between the remote and the TV, or there may have been a software update.