How to Set up Amazon Hub Locker and pick up an order

Amazon has two types of safe storage lockers for deliveries. One is called Amazon Hub Lockers, which you can find in different places like delivery centres, malls, and stores. The other type is Amazon Hub Apartment Lockers, which are only in apartment buildings. They are set up in cooperation with the apartment managers to provide a safe location for people living there to get their packages at any time.

You can use a six-digit number that Amazon emails you once your package is delivered. Type this pickup code on the locker’s touch screen, and the door will open, allowing you to take your items. Alternatively, you can choose another method by scanning a barcode from the confirmation email. Hold the barcode before the scanner on the locker’s touch screen. The door will unlock when it scans and recognizes the barcode, and you can get your items. In this post, we will discuss setting up an Amazon Hub Locker and how to pick up an order.

What is Amazon Hub Locker

Amazon Hub Lockers are a combination of a self-serve machine and gym lockers. They generally appear blue or yellow, but grey is sometimes commonly used. There are two types of lockers, depending on whether or not they have screens. Lockers with displays include a touchscreen display, a barcode scanner, a number pad, and even a headphone socket for those who struggle to see clearly.

How to Use Amazon Hub Counter or Locker

It’s simple to send your deliveries to Amazon Lockers or pick up packages from Amazon Hub. When purchasing an item from Amazon, take the following steps to ensure an on-time and safe pickup:

  1. First, add an Amazon Hub-eligible item to your shopping basket.
  2. Sign in to your Amazon account and select the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ option.
  3. After completing your transaction, look for a pickup point where you want your Amazon items delivered. Check for ‘Amazon Hub Counter near me’ to locate a local hub.
  4. Then, enter your address, location, or zip code to find an Amazon hub.
  5. Proceed to choose the ‘ Ship to this address’ option. And finish your order.
  6. After your order has been validated, you will be sent a six-digit pickup code. You will need this code to retrieve the items from the Amazon Hub.

How to use Amazon Hub Lockers to Return orders

Amazon Hub makes it easier to return products. When returning products to Amazon, you have two options: lockers or counter locations. Follow the steps below:

  1. When you choose locker return, Amazon will email you a code, which you have to enter on the locker’s touch screen.
  2. Once you choose a counter return, they will email you a QR code, which a store staff will scan before accepting your product.
  3. Sometimes, there may not always be a lot of space in the locker for your product. Further, the code they offer you is only available for thirty days at that location. If you missed this date, you must submit a fresh return request.

Apartment Locker 

Like the Amazon Hub Lockers, you can set up Amazon Hub Apartment Lockers as a delivery location in your Amazon account. These lockers are automatically linked to your home address. So when you place an order, all you have to do is enter your home address. The product will be delivered to the Apartment Locker in your building.

You can start using these lockers to receive packages though you’ll need to sign up for access. Simply get in touch with the management of your building and request access to the Amazon Hub Apartment Locker. Once they approve it, you can continue shopping on Amazon as usual. Have your purchases delivered right to the locker in your building.

Amazon Hub Counter

Amazon Hub Counter offers a service to Amazon Hub Locker. With a little difference, an Amazon business partner will store some of your products in lockers. When you visit the counter to collect your package, you just need to present your email containing the barcode to the employee, who will scan it. Hand over your package without you having to retrieve it yourself. The best part is that you can even forward the email to a friend or family member who can pick up the package. No identification is required during this process.

What if you fail to pick up your product on time?

If you fail to pick up your product within three days of delivery, Amazon will return it and refund your money.

Can someone else collect my parcel from an Amazon Locker for you?

You might have a friend, family member, or someone else collect your parcel. To do so, you need to provide them with the delivery confirmation email with suggestions.

Is there a way to collect a package from an Amazon Locker without using the phone?

To collect your package from an Amazon Locker without needing your phone, enter the six-digit code in the email confirmation. However, it’s important to note that some lockers might require a barcode scan or the utilization of the Amazon Shopping App. Therefore it’s advisable to have your phone handy during the pickup process for any requirements.

What if an Amazon Locker is completely full?

You may only look and pick Amazon Lockers that are presently available. Once the Amazon Locker is filled, you can mail your order to a different location.