Jio Data Loan 2024 for Emergency Usage

When customers run out of mobile data and are unable to recharge instantly, Reliance Jio offers them the option to borrow some data (at no extra cost). Customers can borrow five times 1GB (up to 5GB) of emergency data from the service. It may be accessible through the MyJio app. To activate data, just touch on the options menu and navigate to the “Emergency Data Loan” page.

Jio Data Loan

This guide helps to get an instant JIO Data Loan Voucher using offline ways such as Jio’s Data loan Number or online using the My Jio App installed on their smartphone if case any user needs it.

What is Jio Emergency Data Loan?

Reliance Jio has already launched the Jio Emergency Data Voucher service. This service allows users to access data loans from the firm. It is designed for customers who do not have access to funds to pay for cellular data subscriptions. Reliance Jio provides a variety of 4G data Vouchers and coupons.

If you want to buy one, you’ll have to pay for it in the future. However, if you want it urgently and do not have the funds to pay for it, you can obtain it as a Jio data loan using the company’s Emergency Data Voucher service.

How Did Jio Emergency Data Voucher Facility Work?

If you run out of high-speed mobile data and are unable to recharge it quickly, you can use the ‘Jio Emergency Data Voucher Facility’ recharging feature.

  1. Reliance Jio introduced the Emergency Data Loan service, which allows consumers to buy a data package and pay for it later. 
  2. Prepaid customers can borrow up to five 1GB emergency data packs for cheap price offers.
  3. There will be no additional charges for using the Recharge Now and Pay Later features.

Jio Data Loan Number

Do you also get disappointed when Jio Internet Data is over? No problem, any Jio customer can avail data loan facility from his mobile. It can easily avoid the problem by taking an internet data loan.

To access the facility, JIO gives its customers two options: one is to dial the Jio Emergency Data Loan Code, which is the process to do so.

  1. The Jio Emergency Data Loan Number is 1299, and you may simply receive a loan with your Jio SIM Card.
  2. This number will allow you to receive a 10GB loan on your Jio SIM without any issues.
  3. However, no option is introduced if you’re looking for a Jio Talktime loan number.
  4. There is no Jio loan code available till now for Jio customers to utilize to gain. Maybe it will be expected as soon as possible.

Still, if you have any queries, contact Jio’s customer care service

How to Get a Jio Emergency Data Loan through the Myjio App?

  1. Opens the MyJio App and navigates to the menu on the top left of the page.
  2. Under mobile services, choose ‘Emergency Data Loan.’
  3. On the emergency data loan box, click ‘Proceed.’
  4. Choose the ‘Get emergency data‘ option.
  5. To access the emergency loan benefits, click ‘Activate immediately.’
  6. That’s it. You have utilized the option successfully.

What if I Don’t Pay Jio Emergency Data Loan?

The organization won’t give you the facility again if you don’t pay back the outstanding balance as soon as possible. Furthermore, Jio has the authority to prosecute the consumer if the debt is not paid for an extended time.

How Can I Repay the Jio Emergency Data Loan?

  1. Using the MyJio app, you may repay the Emergency Data Loan.
  2. Log in to the MyJio App with your Phone number.
  3. Go to the ‘Menu‘ option in the MyJio app. Next, choose “Emergency Data Loan” from the list of mobile services.
  4. Then, under the banner for the emergency data loan, click “Proceed.”
  5. The “Emergency Data Loan” option costs money. On the screen, a total loan amount will be displayed for payment.
  6. Any online payment method is acceptable for the Emergency Data Loan Repayment.
  7. It should be noted the option can be utilized once more, and the counter for the new service instantly resets to 5.