Web WhatsApp Updated with New Features and User Friendly?

WhatsApp has recently introduced several new features for its users, with a focus on improving the user interface. Similar changes are being made to the latest web version, WhatsApp Web, which will improve navigation. According to WhatsApp feature tracker WABetainfo, the navigation will appear on the left side of the screen in the web version. This feature is currently only available to some beta testers in the WhatsApp Web Beta users, but it’s likely to be available to everyone soon.

WABetainfo has also reported that a new generative AI feature called Meta AI chatbot will be available to WhatsApp users. This option is already available for some users and is based on the Large Language Model. Meta company announced this AI model at the Meta Connect 2023 event, and since then, many users have been waiting for its integration with WhatsApp. The Meta AI icon will appear on the right side of WhatsApp’s chat list, but currently, this feature only supports English.

Another soon-to-be-available feature will allow Android users to view and share documents without downloading them. Currently, documents sent through WhatsApp can only be viewed after downloading them. This new feature will add a preview of the document, making it easier to access details without the need for a download. This feature is currently being tested and is expected to be available soon, but only for Android users.

Lastly, WhatsApp is also planning to launch a feature that will recognize people who have not interacted for many days. This feature is currently available to some beta testers and is expected to improve conversations among WhatsApp users. However, there will be an option to disable this feature, and it’s not clear when it will be available to all users. Initially, it will only be available to Android users, but it will also be available for iOS users in the future.