WhatsApp New Update for WhatsApp Calling Users, Let’s Know

Meta’s popular instant messaging platform, WhatsApp, has been working on several changes to its interface and features over the past few months. In recent updates, WhatsApp has introduced new features to enhance user convenience and security. The navigation panel has also been updated.

There are indications that WhatsApp plans to revamp its calling interface (WhatsApp Calling UI) to offer a better user experience. This feature is still in the testing phase but is expected to become available soon. WhatsApp Beta is currently available on Android version, and the new minimize button will likely make the calling interface more user-friendly.

WhatsApp will monitor the user experience during calls to ensure that the new interface alleviates any issues. The minimize button will prove useful during WhatsApp calls without any problems, and changes to the interface may be made accordingly.

In addition, WhatsApp is also making significant changes to its status bar. WhatsApp feature tracker WaBetainfo is introducing new tools to improve the user experience. The new interface is currently available on WhatsApp Android beta version

Users can easily switch between different media formats in the status design. They can select text, video, and photos separately, and the media can be selected directly from the WhatsApp status bar. This feature is still in the testing phase but is expected to be released in upcoming updates.

The feature tracker also revealed that WhatsApp is working on an AI-based photo editor that allows users to edit photos through generative AI. This feature, which includes restyling and changing the image’s background, is currently available on Android version The green coloured AI-based image editor button is located to the left of the HD button, and users can easily edit their photos.