How to Lock/Unlock Aadhaar Biometrics on mAadhaar App and PC/Laptop

UIDAI has introduced the Aadhaar Card Biometrics Lock and Unlock Temparry to secure Aadhaar holder fingerprints, iris, and other relevant information. Citizens of India who have an aadhaar can use the function to manage their biometric data to lock and unlock at any time through the UIDAI portal or by installing the mAadhaar mobile app.

Aadhaar Biometrics Lock & Unlock

Aadhaar data is important to every individual and is issued to every resident of the country. It is most important to access government schemes or programs and other essential activities. Every individual can authenticate through Aadhaar Biometrics, which holds critical personal information such as fingerprints, Irish and facial images, and other data of the Aadhaar holder.

Aadhaar data privacy and security are very important for every individual, and It is critical to ensure the safety of aadhaar data from hackers and spammers. That’s why UIDAI has introduced the Aadhaar Biomatrics Lock and Unlock feature.

How to Lock/Unlock Aadhaar Biometrics from

Managing your Aadhaar Biometrics is very simple through the UIDAI official website and Mobile Application. Below are the steps to access the Aadhaar Biomatrics Lock and Unlock Facility online through a desktop PC/laptop by logging in to the My Aadhaar Portal.

  1. Visit the UIADAI official website at
  2. On the homepage, you can see multiple options offered by My Aadhaar Portal, including ‘Lock/Unlock Aadhaar’.
  3. Select and Proceed with the ‘Lock/Unlock Aadhaar’ option, and the direct link is here.
  4. Now you have seen a simple guide about how Aadhaar Lock/Unlock works, so carefully check the guide.
  5. Proceed to the next step to generate a 16-digit Virtual ID (VID), as only VID has the ability to Lock / Unlock Aadhaar. 
  6. Once you have generated a VID, you can verify it through OTP.
  7. After successful verification, your Aadhaar Biometrics will be blocked.
  8. To Unlock your Aadhaar, you can repeat the same steps without changes.

How to Lock/Unlock Aadhaar Biometrics through mAadhaar App

UIADI has designed the mAadhaar mobile application for all smartphone users that are allowed to manage all aadhaar services at one place at any time. Every Android or iPhone user can follow the steps to access lock/unlock biometrics about their Aadhaar through the mAadhaar App.

  1. Launch the mAadhaar App on your smartphone and log in using MPIN and OTP.
  2. Select and Proceed with the ‘Lock/Unlock Biometrics’ option by following the dashboard menu options.
  3. Now, you can see the current status of your biometrics, like it’s locked or unlocked.
  4. Just tap to lock or unlock and verify with OTP.
  5. Now your Aadhaar Biometrics status is updated to lock or unlock as per your interest.

What is Aadhaar Lock/Unlock

Aadhaar Lock or Unlock is a facility to secure Aadhaar cardholder biometrics to a temporary lock. It is offered to secure residents’ security and privacy of personal data from hackers or spammers.

I forgot my VID; how can I get my VID after locking it?

If any resident has forgotten or lost their VID after Locking their Biometrics, they can use the UIDAI SMS service to retrieve 16-digit VID. Simply send the SMS from his/her aadhaar registered mobile number to retrieve a 16-Digits VID.

Send an SMS to 1947 from the Aadhaar Register mobile number, RVID Space, and the last four or eight digits of your UID. For example, RVID 1234.