Public Toilet Near Me!, How to Find the Nearest Public Toilet in My Location

Google has introduced a new update to Google Maps that provides information on the nearest public restrooms. Over 57,000 public toilets in over 2,300 locations throughout India are now listed on the Maps platform.

Public Toilet Near Me

To utilize this service, simply search ‘public toilets near me‘ in the search box on Google Maps, Google Search, or Google Assistant on their devices. This service was developed with the Swachh Bharat Mission and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs.

Best Tools to Find ‘Pay and Use Toilet’ in Your Current Location

Google Maps

  • If you are visiting a new place, the public restrooms and bathroom search function included inside Google Maps might be quite useful.
  • Open Google Maps on your phone (or on your Windows desktop), enable the location services, and simply type and search public toilets near me.
  • Google Maps will show you the locations of bathrooms around your present location in real time.

Google Assistant

The functionality is also available in Google Assistant. To activate the Assistance, say “OK Google.” The query “Show me toilets nearby me” will show maps with place markers for all the toilets around your location.

If your phone’s location is unavailable, or if you want to learn about restrooms at a certain place without physically being there, modify your search query to include the address rather than near me.

Apple Maps

The greatest way to travel and experience the globe is through Apple Maps. MapKit enables you to deliver the most accurate city experiences from Apple Maps to your applications and websites, all while maintaining privacy. You may also utilize the new Maps Server API to create more effective cross-platform experiences.

iPhone “Siri”

Siri protects your information by keeping it private and safe – anything you ask Siri isn’t linked to your Apple ID. Because of the strength of the Apple Neural Engine, the audio of your queries never leaves your iPhone or iPad until you choose to share it.

On-device AI personalizes your Siri experience by understanding your choices and what you had to desire while protecting your privacy. And, of course, nothing you tell Siri is ever shared with advertising.

Android Phone “Ok Google”

Your personal Google Assistant can assist you across devices such as Google Home, your phone, and others. On Android, long press home, Ok Google, or a tap on Pixel phones will get you there.

How do you locate a public toilet or restroom near you?

Simply go to ‘Google Maps and input ‘public toilet,’ ‘pay & use toilet,’ or ‘sulabh‘ (accessible), and you’ll get a listing of all the public toilets around you, together with their opening hours, address, and distance from your position.

To identify bathrooms near your current location, open on your Windows desktop. Google Maps will quickly display the location of restrooms around your current location. Please verify whether or not location services are enabled, Google Maps requires it in order to display the best results depending on your current location.

Referred to using your smartphone to perform location searches on Google Maps, because people search locations usually while going to new places or away from home. Users carry a mobile phone and a tablet PC anywhere, but desktop and laptop computers are only handy for searching from home or the office.

How can you find restrooms near me using Google Assistant?

If you have any Google Assistant devices with you, you may use them to locate the nearest restrooms. All Google Assistant devices can use location services to locate the nearest restrooms or public restrooms. You can go to the nearby public restroom in your present location by following a few easy steps.

  1. To enable Google Assistant, Say “Ok Google.”
  2. input the voice command like “Show me restrooms nearby“.
  3. Then it will open maps with place markers and direct you to the nearest toilet from all the toilets around.

Nearest Bathroom Find by Apple Maps

  1. In Maps, look for the bathrooms (tap Indoor Map if it appears in the search result). Alternatively, drag the map to display it, zoom in, and then press Look Inside.
  2. Tap a category such as Restrooms or public toilets on the location card to locate nearby services, then scroll down to see all results.
  3. Tap a result to obtain additional information about it.
  4. To view a map of a different floor, tap the floor level icon (zoom in if the button does not display).

Public Restrooms Search by iPhone Siri

  1. Use Siri on your iPhone to find information and complete tasks. Siri and its response show above what you’re performing, permitting you to refer to information onscreen.
  2. If you didn’t activate Siri when you initially got your iPhone, click on Settings > Siri & Search and then perform one of the following:
  3. If you wish to activate Siri using your voice, do the following: Select Listen for “Hey Siri.”
  4. Switch on the Press Side Button for Siri (on an iPhone with Face ID) or Click Home for Siri if you wish to access Siri using a touch button (on an iPhone with a Home button).
  5. Siri answers out loud when you activate everything with your voice.
  6. Input the voice command like Saying “Hey Siri,”
  7. Say something like, “Hello Siri. Locate a public restroom close by.” You may also say, “Hey Siri, locate toilets nearby.”

Find “Pay & Use Public Toilet” through Android Phone “Ok Google”

  1. Open Google assistance on your phone or any other device.
  2. Input the voice command “Ok Google,” then ask “Pay and Use Public Toilets Near Me,” 
  3. You will get a list of nearby places along with their addresses and opening hours.
  4. You can also see the rating of the toilet, after which you can decide where to go.

How to Find the Nearest Public Toilet by

  • Open
  • Now you will find a search here option.
  • Set your current location by GPS.
  • Type and search for the nearest public toilets around you.
  • An urgent need is something that everybody knows. Using the Toilet Finder, you can locate a public restroom easily.
  • Should there be a handicapped toilet? Not a problem! Simply filter based on your choices. Just give input! Finding a public bathroom will no longer be an issue thanks to the map view, which includes distance and travel time.

How to Get Nearby Rest Room details by ‘Where is Public Toilet App’ at your Current Location.

  1. Download ‘Where is Public Toilet‘ application from the google play store.
  2. Give all the permissions like location etc.
  3. Now open the app and filter the options like
  4. Mark and search male toilets.
  5. Mark and search female toilets.
  6. Mark and search for unisex toilets (For both males & Females).
  7. Mark and search Disabled toilets (especially for physically handicapped).
  8. Check the distance from your current location.
  9. Check the Restroom ratings.
  10. This app also helps the find the nearest toilets in airports.